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Financial Blogger Conference 2011, Behind the Words

Most of what I heard at the Financial Blogger Conference I knew or supposed to some degree, so instead I thought I would talk about the energy behind the words of the speakers.  It’s not necessarily what the speakers told you that matters, it’s the energy you apply to move those words that matters!

Originally, I was going to write about my takeaways from the event!  But Hunter from Financially Consumed did such a great job, I thought I’d just reference his site: Ten Takeaways – Financial Blogger Conference.  Check out his article, it’s spot on as to what the primary takeaways were (check out the Ramit video too, it’s great)!

So I was watching Ramit and Adam Baker speak, I heard their words, but I also wanted to try to get a feeling for what makes them different from most of the other blogger (and really everybody) in the world.  And what I noticed was a driven kamikaze style to their behavior.  Ramit moved like a lion pacing in a zoo cage, ready to pounce on his next meal.  He spent more energy in his hour presentation that I typically do all day!  The same is true with Man vs Debt, massive amounts of energy was spent during his presentation too.

I think that those guys are very competitive and driven more than most of the people in life.

As I watched Pat Flynn from, the style was different.  He wasn’t near as aggressive, but he seemed very quick and smart about things.  I think he has learned to be very clever about matters and has the ability to go a different route, or even make his own route in what he persues.  If there was a style to emulate, he would be the one to be like.

J.D. Roth was too polished for me to read.  I’m sure he give a lot of speeches and was great with this one.  Mostly, from J.D. I saw a focused, passionate individual, but beyond that I wasn’t able to guess how he functions.

Honestly, all the speakers that I saw did a great job.  The conference was well worth the price!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!