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Sound 2010 Roth IRA Information

I think that everybody should have a Roth IRA! It is more fun that David Lee Roth! And by fun, I mean not paying taxes on the future earnings! First the Basics: The following is the “2010 Income Limits” range information. MAGI stand for “Modified Adjusted Gross Income“, and not Gross Income! 2010 Roth IRAContinue Reading

No 401K 2010 Conversion to a Roth IRA for Me

I was hoping in 2010 that I could roll my entire 401k balance over to a traditional IRA, and then from there do another rollover to a ROTH IRA. The advantage of doing it in 2010, is that you can spread the contribution amount over multiple years (3 to be exact) to reduce the tax hit. So for theContinue Reading

Roth IRA Emergency Fund

  I don’t have a traditional emergency fund, so I decided once my mortgage is paid off, I’m going to use part of my previous mortgage payment savings to fund into my Roth IRA as an emergency fund. My Roth IRA previously was used just for active trading in a few high beta stocks.  ThisContinue Reading