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My Son Turns 10, Thoughts and Regrets

My son has recently turned double digits!  He’s now 10, and the time just flew by…

I think he’s had a good childhood to this point, but there are things that I didn’t get to do with him that I wanted to do. 

So I thought I’d list some of my regrets:

  • Playing scientist:  I envisioned my son and I doing experiments down in the basement, inventing things and learning the properties of various materials.  While I still might have a little time left, some of the magic is gone.
  • Building a FireHouse:  I always wanted to build my son a firehouse for his fire engines.  I procrastinated and he got a pre-assembled wooden firestation for a present from a grandparent.  I did build an additional extension that attaches to the initial structure.
  • Motorcycle or Go Kart Riding:  I always wanted to get my son a minibike, small motorcycle, or a go kart…  But since I don’t have the land to run these, I never did this.  So my son had to settle for his grandpa’s riding lawnmower  and occassioinally driving my car in the junior high parking lot.  We also raced gocarts at a paid place.
  • Reading the Harry Potter book:  I wanted to read this with my son, but life got busy and complicated so we only got to start it and it fell by the wayside.  We did read a few encylopedia brown books thought!

After thinking about it, I haven’t done as bad as I thought!  But the time has gone quickly!  For the next project, we are going to build a fort roof for his swing (for shade).

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