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MR Cache 2011 March 27 – Driving Is Now Luxury!

Weekly Thoughts:

Gas is getting crazy high again, so much so, that I’m seriously thinking about carpooling to work with a buddy again.  To drive an hour to my parent’s house and back cost over $20 per trip!

Stocks keep rallying!  Now I know that company earnings have been good, but isn’t that expected after a crummy last few years?  With all the negativity going on, I’m very surprised that the stock market has any legs at all!


Top Pick of the Week:

This is the first that I’ve done of this type heading, but Sam’s post was so strong, that I had to create it just for that post alone!

  • Yakezie: Believe You Will Succeed – The Financial Samurai nails this one square on!  This is the must read article of the lineup that I have today!


My Favorite Reads of the Week:

Post From MoneyReasons this Week:

  • Are We All COGs in the Machine Of Life?– Life is short, much to short to be a COG for some employer!  Work your job, but don’t become your job.  You are not your job and should think outside of the box to enjoy life!
  • SAHM versus Daycare– No 100% right answers on this one.  Each family will require different need depending on their circumstances.
  • Financial Planning Isn’t Really A One Size Fits All Model– What works for my family (and especially me) may not work as well for you.  But for the most part, it should!
  • Are We Too Proud To Become Rich?– Don’t let pride stand in your way on making money!  You’d be surprised what you can learn working as a typical McDonald’s worker!  You can learn a lot on the job, if you think about it while you’re particular job function!
  • Dividend Stocks, Free Lunch Experiment #9– I’ve had a blast with this experiment!  I now earn enough in dividends to pay for 2 decent lunches per week.  Not too shabby!




Closing Thoughts:

I hope all of the tension in Northern Africa region and the Japanese crisis lessens soon.  The Japanese people are resilient, but still I wish them the best and a very speedy recovery!

With respect to oil, hopefully, we’ll starting drilling or digging the shale in Montana and other areas in the US that has such untapped locations!  It would take years to have an impact on oil prices, but at least it would be a start!


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MR Cache 2011, Jan 2 – A New Start

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