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The Warren Buffett & Bill Gates TV Special

Last night didn’t disappoint!  Warren Buffett is such a clever, intelligent speaker!The I was going to comment on the CNBC special last night that I mentioned yesterday, but Financial Samurai beat me to the punch! Click here for Financial Samurai’s excellent summarization of the tv special that happened last night at 9:00pm ET. So instead, I thought… Continue Reading

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Special on CNBC tonight at 9:00pm ET

My top 2 favorite financial heroes are Benjamin Franklin and Warren Buffett!  So when Warren Buffett speaks, I listen…  Bill Gates being there is extra icing on the cake! Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are the richest people in the world.  So tonight, should be an exciting television event.  Tonight on CNBC, they are going to show… Continue Reading