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Mistakes Made When You Are Tired!

Today, I’m shot!  I’ve been too busy and I’ve been staying up too late at night working on side projects.

Well, I cost someone an hour of their life today!  Here is my story!

Our family drove down to our friend’s house to celebrate their two-year old’s birthday party.  It’s like a two-hour drive down and was already tired so it pushed me into zombie mode tired.  So while I was tired to start, I was barely awake when I got down there.

Zombie Tired

Okay, now that I made an adequate excuse (lol), here is what I did…  while down there I decided to take my keys and put it in my coat.  The coats were in a closet and practically all the coats were a color black .  Well, I just reached in and thought I was putting my keys in my coat, but unfortunately it was one of my friend’s coats and they left with my keys in their coat.  Luckily, they realized my mistake and called telling their discovery and volunteered to drive it back to the house.  To make matters worse, once I was outside when they dropped the keys off at the house, so I even missed profusely apologizing to them.  I’m the type of guy that will remember next birthday though, so I’ll do something nice for them next time I see them.

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Hopefully, I’ll be less of a zombie tomorrow.