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Cheap Workout Sunday Report 11

I was really late on this!  I didn’t workout Sunday or Monday, but on Tuesday!!!  I didn’t feel like my body was ready until Tuesday… I’m feeling a little off today with an upset stomach, my left knee hurts still, so I’m dropping off the last two exercises that I normally would do.  Seems like… Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 10

Okay, this past week was weird in every sense.  First my triceps were feeling really odd.  The best phrase I could use to describe the feeling was a guitar string being twang every 5 minutes.  That was Wednesday and Thursday of last week… While my body didn’t hurt like the past weeks, my chest muscles… Continue Reading

Is OPEC Giving the World a Stealth Stimulus Package and Other Considerations

Before I begin, let me define what the acronym OPEC stands for…  OPEC stands for “Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries” and represents mostly the middle eastern countries, but also outliers countries like Venezuela. At the last OPEC meeting (11/27/2014), OPEC decided not to cut oil production and for many countries the decision was kind… Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 9

Not much to say today, my accomplishments were good, but hard and heavy for me.  We’ll see next week how it goes. Bench: 45 lbs –   Truly a warmup set now. 135 lbs – 8 reps, this is pretty much a warmup set now too. 185 lbs –  8 reps (not too bad, pretty easy).… Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 8

I actually felt good today!  No major joint or muscle pains! This week I wasn’t looking forwards to working out so I started it later in the day than I would have liked to.  I’m not entirely sure if I want to continue this next year, but I definitely want to continue it until the… Continue Reading