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Cheap Workout Sunday Report 2

I was much more sore from that past workout than I ever imagined that I would be.  On some days last week, I questioned where I could even walk, not to mentioned that I felt totally depleted and without energy.  Starting to work out is never easy, but this was much, much harder than I…Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 1

My health hasn’t been in tip-top shape for years…  Ironically, I wrote an article a few years back called “Becoming Super” and of course the opposite happened, I’ve been practically anti-super ever since.  Not by own choice, mind you but instead I was hit by a number of illnesses that has had me on the…Continue Reading

Perils of Big Data or Beyond Big Brother?

Technology is great! I’m in the technology field and sometime I feel so empowered!  You can do anything with technology if you work at it, look at all the great smart phone apps that are in existence!  Who doesn’t love reading email or playing Candy Crush any place and at anytime? But there is a…Continue Reading

The Real Financial Independence Crossover Point

The crossover point of financial independence isn’t where you’ve been told.  Let me explain… You see the crossover point where you are now considered financially independent and work is optional isn’t really the point that you think it is, instead it is just another financial milestone on the journey to financial independence… The real crossover…Continue Reading