Smart Reasons to Save, Use and Invest Money

When Debt is a Good Thing

Back in the post called “Back in Debt But It is Different this Time“, I mentioned that instead of buying my used Toyota Camry outright, I decided to take advantage of the cheap loan interest rates and borrowing the money from the banks and invest the cash that I would have used to purchase theContinue Reading

Personal Finance Funk

Today, I’m sitting in a library realizing that I’m in a kind of personal finance funk lately and that I made a lot of personal finance mistakes these past years, but now I’m down the road so far that it’s hard to imagine going back and rethinking my choices.  Things have been set into motionContinue Reading

Thinking Of Online Legal Services

So are You thinking of Using an Online Legal Service for a Legal Question you might have? I once wrote an article about saving money by legally using your free employer’s services, but how do you know for sure if you can legally do this, and more importantly has the rules changed?  Maybe you shouldContinue Reading