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Cheap Workout Sunday Report 9

Not much to say today, my accomplishments were good, but hard and heavy for me.  We’ll see next week how it goes. Bench: 45 lbs –   Truly a warmup set now. 135 lbs – 8 reps, this is pretty much a warmup set now too. 185 lbs –  8 reps (not too bad, pretty easy).…Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 8

I actually felt good today!  No major joint or muscle pains! This week I wasn’t looking forwards to working out so I started it later in the day than I would have liked to.  I’m not entirely sure if I want to continue this next year, but I definitely want to continue it until the…Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 7

I’m back on my Sunday schedule.  Actually I skipped working out in the middle of the week so I was pretty fresh today! While I’m not a big football fan, I have followed my local area team to use it as motivation.  Sometimes watching your team win energizes you, must like a movie or an…Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 6

This was a weird session today!  I felt tired and did everything wrong before lifting.  I ate some food, laid down and watched TV before lifting, falling to sleep in the process…  I woke up groggy and dreaded working out even.  Starting, I even thought to my self that my heaviest bench press was going…Continue Reading

Cheap Workout Sunday Report 5

Okay, I slipped again to Monday instead of Sunday as I normally would.  I was feeling various aches and pains in my pecs and shoulders, so I decided to give my body extra time to recover.  Currently, I’m doing all major body muscles on the same days and it’s taking it’s toll on my body. …Continue Reading