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Are Hybrid Cell Phones The Future?

I recently bought my son a cellular service plan from Kajeet for $19.99 a month.

I admit that I did not want to make this purchase.  My son has an Apple iPod Touch, and with that awesome electronic device, I configured my son’s iPod to make and receive cellular calls when he is connected to a wireless router.  Included in the app is texting, so I didn’t understand why we needed to buy a cell phone, but my son insisted that he wanted one.  So we went with the Kajeet services I mentioned earlier.

At the time it was one of the cheapest yet practical Cellular Plans out in the market place.  The feature that sold us was the unlimited texting, this was exactly what my son wanted.  Overall, we’ve  been happy with the Cellular Plan from Kajeet, and the cell phone that we bought… until recently.

The latest rage is the new hybrid cellular plan from “Republic Wireless“!  It’s basically a blend of the iPod app that makes and receives calls (and texting) over a wireless router, and the cellular aspect of a cellular plan (Sprint I believe).

LG Optimus
LG Optimus


The basic idea is that when you are within range of a wireless router (they calculate this to be 60% of the time), you use the router for your calls, texting and for internet access.  Then the times when you are not in range of a wireless router, you use the cellular services that they provide (again, via Sprint).  It’s basically taking advantage of both technologies for an optimally frugal mix!  All for the price of $19 (yep, that’s right, it’s even cheaper than Kajeet).

The plan is unique in that the service refers to customers as members instead of customers, and if you violate the 60% too much or too long, they reserve the right to kick you out of the community.  How’s that for a different business model!

But, from what I read it seems like a fantastic deal, and I’m going to sign up for the service once they start taking new members again!

I usually don’t say this, but go check out the Republic Wireless website.  They did an excellent job with the design, and all the information is presented in an easy to comprehend manner.  I was very impressed by their presentation.

What do you think?  Is Hybrid Cell Phones the future?

The great thing about Republic’s service plan is that it’s not a long-term contract, it’s monthly and even has a 30 day guarantee.

I recently blogged about how I was considering breaking down and buying a cell phone in the article: “Frugal Confessions: I Do Not Own a Cell Phone” recently, but I’ve decided to delay that decision and wait until I can get on board with Republic Wireless instead.

What do you think, since it’s risk free, would you consider such a plan?

Tell me what you think,


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